Costs vary depending on the hunt. See the cost breakdown below:

Hunt Code* Unit Hunt Dates Bag Limit Permits Cost
ELK-1-100Reservation WideAug 28-Sept 1, 20231 Bull Elk1$19,980.00
ELK-1-101Reservation WideSept 4-9, 20231 Bull Elk6$15,660.00
ELK-1-102Reservation WideSept 11-16, 20231 Bull Elk7$15,660.00
ELK-2-100Reservation WideSept 18-22, 20231 Bull Elk6$17,820.00
ELK-3-100Reservation WideSept 25-29, 20231 Bull Elk6$19,980.00
ELK-3-101Reservation WideOct 2-6, 20231 Bull Elk5$19,980.00
ELK-3-102Reservation WideNov 27- Dec 1, 20231 Bull Elk4$16,200.00

*To accommodate Trophy hunter’s schedules Acoma Game and Fish may allow weapon type changes within the approved season on a case by case basis. Hunters will pay the highest price applicable for these changes.