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When the Pueblo of Acoma started hunts on the reservation, it never imagined it would soon become a leader in the hunting industry. We are proud of the fact that Acoma has gained a reputation for producing exceptional trophy quality animals and just as excited about our management work which insures quality on a sustainable basis.

The Game and Fish Enterprise has been able to blend Acoma’s traditional values with scientific principles to produce a hunting enterprise which employs state-of-the-art techniques to manage the Pueblo’s big game resources. Our wildlife management program constantly monitors and conducts research as well as improves the habitat to ensure the animals’ water and food supplies are at their best. Along with conservative harvest strategies, we have created a premier hunting area. 

We are best known for our highly successful elk hunting. Some of the finest bull elk in the world have been harvested over the years here at Acoma. The overall average SCI score since hunting began in 1995 is over 350. A total of 12 have scored over 400 SCI points with the largest taken to date scoring a whopping 462 SCI. Every weapon class world record has been beat or taken from Acoma Pueblo, including the new muzzleloader SCI non-typical world record scoring 400 and 1/8.

Quality pronghorn, black bear and mountain lion have also been harvested within the last year.

Located in west-central New Mexico our hunting operation occurs on nearly 500,000 acres of Acoma Indian Reservation lands. Our hunts are held during the rut, this gives our clients the best opportunity to harvest their trophy of a lifetime.

Come join us for your hunt of a lifetime. Our talented staff will work hard to provide you with a quality experience and a lifetime of memories.

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