Trophy Hunt Dates - 2023

Hunt Code* Unit Hunt Dates Bag Limit Permits Cost
ELK-1-100Reservation WideAug 28-Sept 1, 20231 Bull Elk1$19,980.00
ELK-1-101Reservation WideSept 4-9, 20231 Bull Elk6$15,660.00
ELK-1-102Reservation WideSept 11-16, 20231 Bull Elk7$15,660.00
ELK-2-100Reservation WideSept 18-22, 20231 Bull Elk6$17,820.00
ELK-3-100Reservation WideSept 25-29, 20231 Bull Elk6$19,980.00
ELK-3-101Reservation WideOct 2-6, 20231 Bull Elk5$19,980.00
ELK-3-102Reservation WideNov 26-Dec 1, 20231 Bull Elk4$15,000.00

*To accommodate Trophy hunter’s schedules Acoma Game and Fish may allow weapon type changes within the approved season on a case by case basis. Hunters will pay the highest price applicable for these changes.

Spring or Fall Bear and Mountain Lion Hunts are also available by special arrangement. Contact us for more information - we are waiting to hear from you!

Hunt dates and prices are subject to change, Acoma Game and Fish reserves the right to cancel or modify hunts.